Found: The Perfect Lingerie For Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you read your horoscope every morning or you can barely remember your own zodiac sign, your signature traits can't be ignored. You were born with them. And come Valentine's Day, when you're thinking about love and the lingerie you might want to wear in the bedroom, there's no better time to pay attention to the cosmos. So, if you're into strappy little skivvies that border on naughty or conservative lace babydolls, the guide ahead will lend you a few personal pointers when you're shopping for bras and panties. Keep scrolling to read up on your power colors and cuts.

Lingerie Horoscope: As an Aries, you're totally energetic and you never hold back. You're bound to impress and make bold statements wherever you go. And since red is your power color, a functional bodysuit would do you justice, allowing you to show off your power moves.

After Midnight Teddy

Lingerie Horoscope: The sensual Taurus loves all things beautiful and delicate, just like lace. A mixed-material design with lots of texture is right up your alley, after all, and pink is the color that'll lend you the biggest power boost.

Lemons Bra and Boyshorts

Lingerie Horoscope: Since Geminis are all about having fun, easy, eye-catching lingerie is just what the doctor ordered. Green means "go!" and pieces with strappy details or scalloped edges are just more exciting to show off.

Gliding Bra and Panties

Lingerie Horoscope: The emotional Cancer is all about making a shimmering statement in white or silver. Since you're sensitive to those around you and a major caregiver to everyone you know, you deserve the spotlight in a standout print.

Nayeli Bra and Knicker

Lingerie Horoscope: OK, Leo, with a strong, toned back like yours, it's only right you draw attention to your favored body part. Find a sports bra in a poppy color like coral, your shade of choice, and make sure you're noticed in it.

Calvin Klein Underwear Modern Cotton Bralette and Thong

Lingerie Horoscope: Above all else, a Virgo is gentle and delicate, preferring to ease her way into any scenario. For you, it might not be best to show too much skin right away. But that's not to say a babydoll slip isn't just as sexy as a strappy bra.

Modern T-Strap Slip

Lingerie Horoscope: A Libra always shines in blue, hates to be alone, and prefers fabrics that are delicate to the touch. What could be better than a high-waisted silhouette you'll want to live in all day (and all night!) long?

For Love Wireless Bra and Panty

Lingerie Horoscope: The passionate Scorpio should always try to slip into two colors: deep red and black. But if you're still not convinced that this two-tone set is for you, zoom in on the intricate embroidery details and you'll be smitten.

Under Bra and Boyshort

Lingerie Horoscope: With a power color like purple, the spontaneous Sagittarius should opt for lingerie that will take her on an adventure and last a long time. Make an investment in designer pieces, and you'll get lots of wear.

Push-Up Bra  and Mid-Rise Briefs

Lingerie Horoscope: Above all else, the Capricorn is sophisticated and professional. Find a design that offers a bit of structure or stability, and it'll feel like second skin.

Bella Wireless Stretch Bodysuit

Lingerie Horoscope: As an Aquarius, sometimes you feel sexy and bold, and other times you can come off a bit shy and reserved. But no matter which face you've got on today, you'll always look good in turquoise.

Cotton Babydoll

Lingerie Horoscope: A Pisces is playful, strong, and versatile. She can slip into a bra and panties just as well as a babydoll, and she can pull off graphic prints like a pro. Regardless, a vibrant green is her power color, and there's no denying she'll steal the spotlight as soon as she enters the room.

Carcan Brief